Why do companies invest in Ireland?

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Ireland may not have large deposits of natural resources but it is a home to some of the world’s leading companies which include; Microsoft, Citi, Facebook plus many more. There are a number of reasons why Ireland have beaten the European downward economic trend and in recent years has grown at multiples of the European average.

There are several reasons why Ireland beat Europe’s downward economic trend in recent years, and grew at multiples of the European average.

Ireland is highly appealing to foreign direct investment (FDI), and the Irish Development Authority (IDA) has been attracting investment for over 50 years. This together with a concerted effort by the Irish government to reduce red tape sees Ireland as an easy jurisdiction to comply with corporate regulation and legislation.

Ireland is building a strong network of industries which reinforce its credentials and makes it easier for companies in similar industries to set-up. It has an attractive tax regime where the corporation tax rate is 12.5% which makes this one of the most competitive rates in the world.

As the only native English speaking country in the Eurozone – Ireland has a cast cultural and economic link with the USA and markets itself as gateway to Europe. Located on the eastern edge of Europe it is the first stop across the Atlantic before meeting the mainland.

Considering the above there is a convincing argument for investing in and setting up a company in Ireland.

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