New ventures are driven by enthusiasm and enthusiasm can sometimes cloud the reporting of clear, concise and factually correct information back from a newly established overseas outpost. Our experience is that this “fact-gap” isn’t normally due to any wish to conceal but down to factors such as a lack of local experience and practice. Sometimes, it has to be said, it’s because the preparation of information and reports can be thought to consume time deemed better spent in establishing presence or developing sales.

Having an independent, professional overview partner reporting management information back to you can make all the difference, and gives you a completely clear picture of the truth on the ground.

Reporting can be financial, HR based or commercial, and can be as regular or not as required. We can also report on political considerations both local and regional, and supply background information to allow more informed decisions to be made.

Our intention as your partners in the field is to work with you to ensure that whatever information you require to run your business is reported back in time, correctly and in a format that sits within your company’s existing framework…if that’s what you want.