Global Payroll

Organising and executing payroll in one’s own country can be time consuming and problematical enough without having to replicate this for each country you employ staff in. Global expansion presents both opportunities and challenges for any size of organisation, not least when dealing with payroll, where meeting the pay expectations of your people is vital to retain morale and confidence.

It’s not easy. Your choice is to try and understand each country’s specific requirements, implement their different formats and processes and do your best to avoid the compliance penalties that you’ll incur for getting it wrong, or to impose a system that might work for you but not for your local staff.

The answer is to trust us to do it all for you. We can handle the payroll for all your employees wherever they are, with payments both on-shore and off.

Working with you we can furnish a single payroll report detailing exact payment requirements for each employee in every country you’re operating in, and we can initiate correct payments from company or trust accounts locally or internationally.

Working with Omni Global Partners will give you the ability to pay employees in different currencies around the world whilst initiating that payroll payment in a single currency. You’ll receive an assured and accurate process enabling you to pay your employees and third parties globally, irrespective of the currency and location of the recipient’s bank account.