Set up/ Start Up

You’ll probably know any new territory you’ve decided to expand into fairly well, you may have been sending representatives there for many years and developed some good local business. You may even have a local distributor or partner, but the truth is that establishing a local entity is a very different call, and one that can be fraught with potential pitfalls.

One thing that almost invariably will be true is that nothing is simple. Even the vital matter of deciding on the nature of your legal entity will raise several questions, as you get to understand the nuances of local law. Having a mature understanding of the implications of local tax regimes and the nature of compliance will be central to decision making, and that’s before the intricacies of HR and local payroll. Consulting the local branch of your favourite solicitors or accountants will almost certainly not give you the assurance, comfort and assistance you require.

Let us do it for you.

Our expertise is in international company formation, tax planning and governance, to which we add feet-on-the-ground experience and practical local know-how. We encourage our clients to consider us as partners, not consultants. It’s this combination that places us in a unique position, and that guarantees our clients a speedy, safe and time sensitive landing in their new market.