Global HR Solutions

You don’t need us to tell you that managing HR on any level can be a complicated and time consuming occupation. Managing HR internationally is very much harder, it’s not just that employment law and practice differ widely from country to country, it’s the need to have an understanding of and an ability to respond to the cultural diversity you’ll meet in each country.

Working with people from different locations or from different cultural backgrounds invariably means adapting your business’s work style to new ideas, new ways of communicating and unfamiliar social practices. And, of course, the ability to be open and to respond well to new work styles and cultural differences is increasingly the hallmark of an acceptance of cultural diversity and inclusion in HR.

As a result, and unless you have large numbers of staff working overseas you can end up spending a lot of your time sorting out problems with or for a comparatively small number of people.

Let us do it for you.

We have the experience and expertise to take the weight of your international HR requirements from you. Working with Omni Global will enable you to concentrate on your core business knowing that we’re meeting local legislation and looking after the day to day concerns of your overseas staff, wherever they are.