Corporate Governance Services

It’s not just the risk of fines and penalties when you get your compliance wrong, it’s often the publicity and subsequent ineligibility to tender that causes most damage. Your brand is your reputation and when that becomes tarnished the repercussions can travel far beyond where the problem occurred.

 Risk Control

It’s not worth it! And the potential for error compounds if you’re operating in a number of countries, all of which have different, and regularly changing, legislation.

Working with Omni Global takes the risk out of working overseas, ensuring your local company is set up and managed professionally, and meeting all accounting, payroll, tax, legal and administrative requirements on time, within budget and to plan. But that’s not all you get, because there’s also the peace of mind in knowing your overseas investments are under control.

Getting it Right

Every business is different and all our clients have different needs and requirements. Our job is to make running your business easier, releasing you to concentrate on expanding your new market. We do this by working closely with you, advising you on the peculiarities and issues arising in each country and designing a bespoke package of services to meet your exact circumstances.