How we work

What differentiates us is our service. With Omni Global you’re not just contracting a service, you’re entering a relationship of trust, a partnership that will guarantee the very best…because that’s what we want to be. A glance at our Vision Statement confirms this, it’s our intention to help create a level playing field for all the businesses we partner with, in every country they wish to work in…and to be the best at offering a service that achieves this.

We achieve this by being thorough and transparent in all we do; by developing reporting structures that exactly meet the requirements of our clients; by being timely, and by doing everything necessary to uphold the reputation of our clients in each of the countries we represent them in.

Our start point is always to get to understand the practical requirements of your business and your plans and intentions in the country you want us to help you in.

But there’s more, because the more we understand how your organisation works and the values you hold to, the better the job we can do as we work for you and represent you in other countries.

Why not contact us to discuss your plans? We’re happy to advise, and we offer a full consultancy service so you can be clear about what’s involved in setting up and getting established in each new market.

Most importantly we constantly implement what we call our Values, the importance of making and honouring relationships; excellence in how we operate; the development of relationships of trust and honour with our clients; to be accountable to each other as a team in-house, and a partner with those employing us.